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Our Team of Beaverton Psilocybin Facilitators

Our fully licensed facilitators are here to help you on your journey to personal growth. These hand-selected professionals are here to help prepare you for a psilocybin experience in a safe and supportive environment.

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Meet Our Team of Facilitators

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Marlin Hofer

Marlin, a knowledgeable Psilocybin Facilitator, is passionate about guiding transformative journeys of self-discovery and healing. Trained and licensed in Oregon, he creates safe spaces for exploring the potential of psilocybin mushrooms. Marlin specializes in LGBTQ+ individuals, spiritual trauma reduction, and palliative/end-of-life care. He fosters trust, empathy, and non-judgment, assisting clients in setting intentions and preparing for their psilocybin experiences. Marlin prioritizes integration for long-term benefits and supports clients in finding mental health professionals. Committed to ongoing research, he upholds safety, confidentiality, and respect for each person’s unique journey, empowering profound healing and personal growth.


Jessica is on an exploration to harness the wisdom of earth medicines like psilocybin for personal growth and profound connections. Through her own healing journey, she has experienced the transformative power of these sacred substances. Now, she is here to provide a safe haven for those seeking adventure and healing in a supportive and comfortable setting. Her work is rooted in values of acceptance, safety, intentionality, trauma awareness, person centered, culturally sensitive, and harm reductionism. With many years as a wellness coach, case manager, and social worker, she advocates tirelessly for your well-being, ensuring your journey is free from judgment and discomfort. Jessica doesn’t claim expertise in what you want or need; instead, she is your steadfast ally, helping you navigate through your discovery process. It’s important to her that your journey reflects your values, culture, identities, and desires. Whether you prefer a clinical, spiritual, or other tailored approach, it will be an experience that aligns with your beliefs, needs, and comfort. As such, the outcome is also guided by you, ranging from a simple experience to profound, life-transforming insights integrated into your everyday life. Jessica will foster a nurturing environment, focusing on your physical comfort, emotional readiness, and somatic well-being. She will provide support by intuitively attuning to your needs, giving affirmations, guiding you through calming techniques, and offer unwavering support. Clients praise her judgment-free approach, her calming presence, her intentional and grounding care. She is available for journey navigation on Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays. Interested in starting your transformative journey? Reach out to Jessica at her website for a free 15-minute consultation. Pricing All-Inclusive $1000+ or more, client negotiated and 20% discount for OHP eligible clients.


Susanne cares deeply about helping people heal from their past and embrace their future. She received her Master of Social Work from Portland State University and has spent 15 years serving through the Department of Human Services. Susanne brings these years of trauma informed and culturally humble practice to her facilitation services. In 2023 she was Oregon’s first recipient of the Healing Advocacy Fund’s psilocybin training scholarship. Susanne completed psilocybin training through Clinical Cognitive Facilitator Training and is a licensed Oregon Facilitator. Susanne has experienced personal growth and healing with the use of psilocybin and is excited to help you navigate your personal experience. She has a personal understanding of how psilocybin encourages us to access new ways to view old beliefs. She is passionate about helping people who feel like they have tried everything else Western medicine has to offer. Her experience is working with people with complex trauma, relationship attachment challenges, fear of death/dying, addiction, and adverse childhood experiences. Psilocybin facilitation and integration coaching allows Susanne to utilize past experience in social services to help people find and maintain inner peace. “Working in the psilocybin space is extremely rewarding when there is clear communication, education, and expectations. I strive to have a lot of dialog with people I work with to ensure we are understanding the ‘why’ behind psilocybin facilitation. I believe that helping people gain access to psilocybin services is crucial, whether that is with me or another better suited facilitator. I believe psilocybin can open the door for your own unique journey to begin.” ~Susanne Ulvi, MSW


For Jacob Trosen, facilitation is a promise and request, both working to unburden and reorient the client so they may become fully enveloped in the journey with both openness and confidence. The promise, he believes, is to work with clients’ intentions, fears, expectations, and goals to help contour an experience that best fits their needs. Whether that includes confronting problem habits or patterns in their behavior, addressing painful memories, or simply wanting to understand themselves, pull the lid off and jump inside more fully. The facilitator’s request is for the client to be honest, forthright, and frank about the desires, concerns, and challenges which piqued their interest in a journey with psilocybin. Second, the facilitator requests that we shelve our daily distractions, our responsibilities, and worries; to relax and become fully unmoored is required for the depth and richness that characterizes such a journey. For the past 8 years, Jacob has counselled, and helped individuals impacted by substance use disorders—as well as their attendant underlying, and social/economic challenges—work to rebuild their lives, reconnect with lost family and friends, and integrate back into healthy social and community roles. He is a Bolivian American dual citizen, who lives SE Portland, with his wife, American bulldog, and a small feline coterie. His favorite day hike is Ape Cave. Jacob received a master’s degree in literature focusing on experimental works which bridged the late Enlightenment and early Romantic and wrote his thesis on Sublimity and excess in William Beckford’s Vathek.