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Psilocybin Experiences in Beaverton, INCLUDING FACILITATOR PRACTICUM

Legally Experience Psilocybin Mushrooms

Brain Brew welcomes you to experience psilocybin mushrooms in the legal framework of Oregon. Our service center is a nurturing space that has been mindfully created. Comfortable seating and reclining options, sound barriers, music, and lighting have all been thoughtfully considered in creating a setting that is meant to give you a rich and purposeful journey.
We have discounted room rates at the Marriott Townplace Suites only 5 blocks from Brain Brew! Call them directly, (503) 605-9368 to get the discount.

We have designed a safe and supportive process so you can be assured of having the experience you desire. Our process complies with Oregon Psilocybin Services Act regulations.


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Our Psilocybin Use Process

Complete a 3 Question Prescreening

Duration: 5 minutes

Step One: Complete our quick prescreening questionnaire to help determine if you are a candidate for our psilocybin services.

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Preparation and Orientation

Duration: 60-90 minutes

Step Two: Your licensed facilitator will meet with you onsite or offsite to:

  • Determine if you’re an appropriate candidate for psilocybin
  • Review the state-mandated consent forms
  • Ensure you’re ready for your administration session

You’ll create a transportation plan and decide on a dosing strategy during your journey. Our psilocybin is priced at $9/mg plus the state mandated 15% tax. Your facilitator will also help you dial in your intentions for your psilocybin journey and suggest some ways to better prepare for the experience.

The Psilocybin Journey

Duration: Up to 6-8 hours, depending on the dose

Step Three: You and your facilitator will determine a date for your journey. You will reserve your room through our online portal. Our room charge is $520.

In the safety of our service center, with the support of your licensed facilitator, you’ll step into your journey, whether your intention is unlocking creativity or finding personal growth from struggles and trauma.

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Psilocybin Experience Integration

Duration: 1 or more hours, virtual or live, dependent on your experience and wishes

Step Four: Within 72 hours after your journey, your licensed facilitator will check in with you. Your facilitator will ensure you have the support you need to integrate your psilocybin experience into purposeful changes in your life.

5 Steps to Your Psilocybin Journey

Are you new to psilocybin mushrooms, or just new to Brain Brew, and want to know exactly how this process works? Here are our 5 steps to your journey!


Complete a 3 Question Prescreening

Complete the prescreening questionnaire by clicking here.


You Seem to be a Candidate for Psilocybin

You will now select your facilitator from our team. Your facilitator will receive a message and contact you for a preparation and orientation session.


Prep & Orientation Session

You will meet with your facilitator at Brain Brew, at an offsite location or virtually to review the state mandated paperwork, clarify your goals for taking Psilocybin and determine an appropriate dose.


Schedule Your Journey

You’ll schedule your journey via our online reservation system. Your room will be reserved and prepared specifically for you. You will pay for the space at the time of the reservation with a credit or debit card.


Arrive at Your Appointment

Your facilitator will meet you on the date and time of your appointment and you will pay for your psilocybin dose with cash only.

Psilocybin Experience Options

In addition to our standard individual sessions, Brain Brew offers different options for your Psilocybin Experiences.

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You and your facilitator may determine that microdosing would be a good fit for you. Monthly subscriptions are offered for those interested in our microdosing option.

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Group Psilocybin Experience

The facilitators at Brain Brew offer team-building group experiences by reservation only.

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